The new studio album from Jim Quick and Coastline lives up to its namesake in so many ways.


People Gather 'Round


Take It All Back To The Roots

The latest evolution of Jim Quick and Coastline takes a leap forward by stepping back in time to the source of all that we represent.

"Search your heart, find the truth, take it all back to the roots."


About "Revival"

There is a reason why we have been using the phrase "Take It All Back To The Roots."  The new album from Jim Quick and Coastline, "Revival" does exactly that.  Taking cues and inspiration from our favorite soul and blues recordings from the late 1950's through the late 1960's, "Revival" brings back all the warm fuzzy feelings of those records from years gone by.  The catchy choruses, the melodies you can't get out of your head, the delicious fat drums, the way the vocals saturate; it's all there. Make no mistake this is not a gimmicky "retro" album, this is Jim Quick and Coastline doing soul and blues how we feel it should be done.


The tracks from the album were recorded at "The Church" at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, North Carolina during early March 2020, right before the world virtually shut down.  The studio is literally an old church on the edge of downtown Asheville which was fitted out into a state of the art recording studio while keeping a sense of previous purpose and decor.  The antique wooden doors were split down the middle and soundproofed.  The original wall panels were reclaimed and used around the newly built control room, designed by George Auspurger. 


So what is the best way to make an album like the did in the 1950's and 1960's?  Use the tools they used.  So we did just that.  You will be hard pressed to find any sounds on that album that were not made using vintage gear.  Vintage microphones, vintage outboard compressors, vintage Neve mixing console, vintage guitars, vintage drums, vintage Precision Bass, vintage B3 organ, real piano, real string orchestra...all...the...good...old...stuff.


The title "Revival" could not be any more perfect...it is the ultimate representation of the many things we have overcome and are currently experiencing personally, as a band, globally, and as human beings.